Pros and Cons of Using Pressure Treated Lumber for Your Fence

November 29, 2021

Pressure treated wood was designed to work around the limitations of natural wood. Here are some things to think about when selecting pressure-treated timber for a new fence.

What Are Your Options?

Pressure treated fence is in the form of fence slats, fence rails and fence pickets. Pressure-treated fence slats are often used with an electric fence for animals. Pressure-treated fence rails are used to create a low fence around flowerbeds or use as pet fencing in a garden or yard. Lastly, pressure-treated fence pickets are used to fence your yard or property.

Pros of Using Pressure Treated Lumber for Your Fence

Here are some benefits you can expect from using pressure-treated fence slats, fence rails and fence pickets.

Pressure treated fence is resistant to rot, decay, insects and fungi. This means the fence will last longer with little or no maintenance. Pressure treated fence is available in many different colors giving you more options to match it with the rest of your fence making it look like one complete fence installation. It has a smooth surface which makes paint adhere well without peeling. It also makes fence painting easier. Pressure treated fence is lightweight making fence installation, fence maintenance and fence repairs much easier.

Pressure Treated Lumber Fence

Pros of Using Natural Wood for Your Fence

Here are some benefits you can expect from using natural wood rather than pressure-treated lumber for your fence.

Pressure treated wood fencing comes in many styles giving you more options to choose the right one for your fence installation. Many companies will guarantee their fencing against rot, decay, insect infestation and fungal growth up to 10 years for untreated fence slats and 15 years for untreated railings and pickets allowing you peace of mind knowing that if any of these issues arise you will be able to replace damaged fence slats, fence rails and fence pickets free of charge.

Your fence installation should last for many years and in some cases a lifetime if installed properly using the fence design that best fits your lifestyle and budget. Your choice in fence material may depend on your location and climate as well as how much time you can invest into caring for your fence.

We recommend selecting a professional fence installation company like Lardeo Fence Builders to install your pressure treated wood fence. Call us for a free no-obligation price quote today!

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